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"Aimed at both would-be acoustic and electric guitar players, Learn Guitar in Eight Weeks is hosted by Jason Shepherd, a natural teacher whose alt-rock looks and slightly offbeat approach (I especially liked the mnemonic device he created to help remember the notes of a guitar in standard tuning: Every Average Day Gorillas Become Extinct) should connect well with younger axe-slingers. Subjects include how to read tablature (a form of notating guitar music), basic chords and power chords, scales, and, of course, the good stuff: rockin’ riffs using arpeggios and fret board patterns. Not just a here-are-the-four-chords-to-play “Smoke on the Water” copycat video, this program also delves briefly into scales, including major, minor, and the-ever-important-for-guitar (whether you’re riffing blues or Chuck Berry licks) pentatonic scale. Recommended. Aud: H, P. (C. Block)"

Randy Pittman (Video Librarian Magazine)
Great material, Mr. Shepherd is a talented and knowledgeable musician and he shows many important parts of learning punk guitar in this DVD. I would recommend it to beginning players or more advanced players alike, as it covers everything from the nuts and bolts of playing to the much more advanced levels.

Stone Fox (Online Customer)


 Hi, I'm Jason Shepherd. I've been a guitar teacher and touring musician for 15 years. Through teaching hundreds of students over that time, I've learned what works and what doesn't work for those learning to play. I've created an 8 week program which is not only perfect for those who have never picked up a guitar, but also works great for those who have some fundamental guitar knowledge and are looking to brush up on the basics.

There are a lot of guitar DVDs on the market these days. What makes my series stand out is the simplicity and encouragement that the 8 week lesson plan offers. Each week, you'll watch the DVD for about 10 minutes, and then practice what you've learned. It's that easy! After 8 weeks, you will have the knowledge to start learning some of your favorite songs!

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